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October 28, 2009

Chef Andy Cook

I spent part of Monday with my editor, Amy, at the Gordon Ramsay at the London in West Hollywood.  Tea, you see. Afternoon. We wore dresses and talked shop – Bastide’s rumor milling, forbidden discussions about hidden gems of omakase, dates, how to take a good picture, milestones, book writing, book proposing, etc. In a nutshell, Amy is just plain fun to talk to. There’s no flotsam. Probably why she’s such a great editor – nothing is there that shouldn’t be.  And everything that is there is a joy to engage.

Chef Andy Cook

And really? we were both just happy to be there – in dresses – and having tea. I couldn’t help but regress a little. I oo’d and aaa’d over the clotted cream and scones. I insisted on pouring my own tea from the cast iron tea pots – the waiter kept trying to keep up with me but I just liked the feel of them. And I spent a ridiculous amount of time not eating my food and just setting it up on the plate and taking pictures. Amy chuckled a bit. But this is what it’s like sometimes when blogging. The food is center stage, just not in your mouth.

Chef Andy Cook

Well, sometimes it ends up there. Amy likes ‘dirty fork’ shots. So this one was for her.  And really I was kind of there ‘on assignment’.

Chef Andy Cook

We were actually there to do an interview with the chef, Andy Cook. Amy interviewed. I took pictures. I *love* doing chef portraity things. This is my second time shooting a chef – Eric Greenspan of the Foundry will always be my first – and I’m eager to shoot more. Especially in their ‘natural environment’.

Chef Andy Cook

Andy is down to earth, exceedingly polite, and probably not at all what one would expect from a guy who works closely with Gordon “Where’s the Lamb SAUCE?!” Ramsay. ‘Course, he may have just been polite because Amy is Ms. Food Media of LA. But the impression I got was that this is a guy who loves to cook, and wants other people to understand just how easy it is to make some really incredible food, especially given the amazing variety and freshness of what we can get here in L.A. He’s a giver. And he also teaches cooking classes in the kitchen a the restaurant. Oh yeah. I’m looking forward to that. He demo’d some risotto for us. Amy will be posting the recipe soon. Probably sometime next week. You’ll have to wait for that shot then.

I am so doing more of these.  Seriously.  The food shots are fun.  But the chef shots are exhilarating.  Chefs don’t sit still while you fluff their hair (actually…some chefs do.).  At least not when there’s cooking to be done.  Thanks, Andy, for a lovely time.

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  1. November 13, 2009 10:02 AM

    *sigh* jealous. I wanna have high tea with Ms. Scattergood. Risotto? Not so much. Btw, good to know the Gordon Ramsay is good for something! Thanks!

    • feliciaelena permalink
      November 13, 2009 10:27 AM

      Oh, we’re totally going to more teas. We like them. You should come!

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