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November 4, 2009

Arroyo, the 110 kitten

What’s life without the occasional, life-risking, kitten rescue? If you’ve been following the tweets, you know that a small (one pound, one ounce) kitten has taken over my life. I found him on the 110 (Arroyo) Freeway here in Los Angeles on October 23rd. You can read about his rescue and see the photos of his progression in his own special Flickr set here.I’m not above photographing a kitten in front of my Gourmet Magazine bucket to make the picture and story more relevant for a food blog.  That’s just how I roll.  He’s been a joy to have around, even with his sharp little needle teeth.

Pumpkin Bread 09

In honor of the start of my favorite month of the year, I baked pumpkin bread. November is a big birthday month for my family (mine is the 18th, Dad’s is the 19th, bro-in-law is the 21st) and with that, my parents anniversary, and Thanksgiving, it’s chocked full of smiles and celebrations.  The aforementioned pumpkin bread recipe is from the November 1978 issue of Bon Appetit and has been since altered and rebaked each year by my mother, sister, and myself. It’s fun to see the evolution – my current version is sprinkled liberally with pepitas and has a small line of kosher salt along the top – from the original, oil heavy, nut and date laden pumpkin bread of old. Bon Appetit revisited the recipe in 1995, changing a few things, leaving others alone. You can get it now on Epicurious.  It’s quite delicious and not too sweet (though I cut back the sugar a bit and add a teensy bit o’ maple syrup).  Plus, it makes the house smell good for days.

As it’s spring in New Zealand, and we import a ton of lamb from the pearl at the bottom of the world, I decided it was a good time for a little rack-o-lamb with gremolata (someday I really will learn to have the camera on, charged, and in the room when I need it). Amuse Bouche, a chef in New England who shares my fondness for homemade stocks, Berkshire pork, duck fat, and wild mushrooms, has a very simple recipe for rack of lamb with gremolata that I really love. Made it the other night for SJ and received happy, lip smacking praise.

Arroyo, the 110 kitten

I took this just now. As you can see, Arroyo has decided that posting to my neglected blog requires some serious supervision. Thankfully he’s learned to stay off the keyboard long enough for me to at least type, plus think he’s becoming accustomed to the sound and feel of typing – I don’t purr so much as click.   As he gets bigger this behavior will be discouraged. But for now, he’s my keyboard monkey. My cute, furry, purring keyboard monkey. Aw.

The canning recipes will begin shortly. I’m in heavy researching mode right now and I’m trying to not reinvent the wheel, especially when so many amazing and talented people have blazed such a wide and even trail (I’m looking at you Linda Ziedrich). In the process of working on this, a friend of mine who has recently become the main meal maker for himself and his son, is lamenting his cooking skills, or lack thereof. “I breathe a sigh of relief when he [his son] asks for mac and cheese.” So I promised to help with a few easy recipes. He might end up being the unwitting guinea pig for the classes I’ve been mulling around (see the Events tab above? Yeah. That.).

And then there’s Squid Ink. And photography. Oh, and I’ll be moving in a few weeks. So there’s that.

What’s up with you this month?

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  1. November 4, 2009 7:43 AM

    Great job….I found a kitten that was in the same shape as the one you found.
    I pretty much let her have free-range of the house for the first 3 months because I felt sorry for her.
    During those 3 months she got into some really bad habits that I could not get her out of… she moved to the yard….thats where she has been ever since.


    • feliciaelena permalink
      November 5, 2009 7:43 AM

      Lil Arroyo will be an exclusively indoor cat, so he’s getting some focused training. Too many predators in the neighborhood and I didn’t whisk him off a freeway only to have him succumb to a coyote. He’s a handful. But I think it’ll work out well. I hope anyway 🙂

  2. December 1, 2009 12:17 PM

    We rescued a lil guy almost 5 months ago and he’s a giant! Thank you for rescuing a kitty as well. 🙂 That warms my heart!

    • feliciaelena permalink
      December 1, 2009 12:31 PM

      Yeah he’s growing fast! Just turned 9 weeks. I need to get some new pics up soon.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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