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A gorgeous LA morning

January 23, 2010


We’ve been deluged this past week. A whopping total of 3″ of rain doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider that it’s about, oh, all of our annual rainfall, crunched into one week? Yeah. We had a visitor from Alabama at work. I found myself apologizing for the state’s lack of a proper touristy welcome. She just looked out my office window and sighed, like a child who was promised a pony and got a head of broccoli instead.

But then I woke up to SJ exclaiming, “There’s snow on the mountains!” Which is a big deal to us. It doesn’t happen all that often and when it does, it’s like we get a whole new city. Or at least new curtains. I scampered out in bare feet on an icy deck to set up the tripod.

Speaking of SJ – I owe him a huge apology. Almost since he saw the first few pictures I took, he’s been pushing me to get them printed and sold. I’ve hemmed and hawed. I wasn’t entirely convinced people necessarily wanted fruits and vegetables on their walls when they could have family pictures or some fancy lithograph. He kept pushing though, as gently as he could. And somewhere along the line he gave up and let the rest of the world do the convincing.

The emails I’ve received. The comments. The messages on Facebook. The DMs on Twitter. My head has inflated like the campaign budgets of corporations after that ridiculous Supreme Court ruling. The pictures I take make people hungry. That’s about the best compliment for a food photographer. Well, that and cash.

So I’ve started an online photo library of some of my best shots. And now you can also buy them and enable this obsessive passion of mine. Money means new lighting, new lenses, and hopefully a shiny new D700 (rowr). And since, I’m not winning the lotto anytime soon, I best be cranking up some of my own odds, no?

Farmers Markets - Images by Felicia Friesema

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to let me know what they think.

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  1. January 23, 2010 9:06 AM

    kudos. hope you sell LOTS of prints this year. Lots and Lots. Cuz a D700 ain’t cheap… Full frame FTW!

    • feliciaelena permalink
      January 23, 2010 9:51 AM

      Well, it’ll be a combination of freelance work and the site that (hopefully) gets me to the D700 finish line. Every little step…though sometimes it seems all a bit Kirith Ungol…

      But gosh…full frame…/drool

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